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Money Spiritualization (part I)

Money Spiritualization (part I)


Money’s Spiritual-Energy Dimension and the call for its spiritual transubstantiation


Extract from a direct contact session between Master Greek and the Hierarchy of the Grantors of Light, in October 2010.


My beloved human brothers and sisters

According to your established social view, money is defined as your era’s governing exchange value. I.e. money is the main mean through which you can ensure the obtaining of goods and services offered by your society, but, at the same time, it is also the mean through which their preciosity is appraised. The more desired a good or a service is, the greater their exchange value, i.e. the more money is needed for their obtaining.

Money’s energetic nature

Nevertheless, from a deeper, unseen point of view, this definition reveals two great secrets:

1. All existent goods and services are produced through human labour. Therefore, in essence, money is human energy transubstantiated. But that’s not all it is...

2. The fact that all existent goods and services obtain their value in accordance with how much necessary, useful or desired they are for you humans, reveals that money always flows towards a specific direction: it accumulates where all things considered by humanity as valuable or necessary are produced and supplied.

Thus, eventually, money is human energy transubstantiated, which flows from anything useless or undesirable towards whatever useful or valuable.

By the way, this is a more general energy flow principle, which also applies in the field of human relationships.

Those who have something special about them or who manage to convince others that they are worth a lot, are characterised as “magnetic personalities” on account of their absorbing others’ energy and attention. In contrast, those who are useless or incapable of projecting their value and talents suffer from energy lack and tend to become subordinated...

But to get back to money now, the energy definition I have given you above will help you clarify what is exactly happening in the field of Economy. What is the secret? Why do some people seem to be getting rich so easily while others are finding it hard to even survive?

In a deterministic manner, money flows boundlessly towards those who decisively invest great amounts of mental, spiritual and physical human energy -their own or their colleagues’ or employees’- for the production of goods or services that are considered gravely important by a big part of society.

Conversely, money flows away from those who are stingy or afraid of investing big amounts of human energy in their work and/or provide goods and services that do not excite people and do not cover their substantial needs or desires.

Taking another step further now, in a deeper and more esoteric understanding of money, you ought to accept an irrefutable fact that now concerns all of you personally:

Regardless of the delusions that you all hold true for yourselves, your current financial state conveys the true energy dynamic that you dedicate to your work, as well as your insight capacity in perceiving or anticipating the needs and desires of others aside from your own self.

Of course, this does not mean that those of you who do not master money-attraction are all in all worthless.

You may well be investing your energy in other sectors (spiritual development, art, offering service, human relations, etc.) that you evaluate as more significant than your profession, thus making great progress there. Furthermore, a lot of you are dismissive (and rightly so) of many desires and needs that govern your society on the grounds of them being insubstantial or negative, and therefore you disregard investing energy in these.

Nevertheless, in fact, all of you have to deal with money daily. In addition, all social living conditions directly influence your general progress and spiritual evolution (see Key-texts Awakening & Service and Spiritual Action).

Thus, money’s broader role as energy as well as the strategy of its transubstantiation from a simple exchange value to a mean for humanity’s spiritual transformation are issues of great significance which you must all comprehend and support.

Money ethics

So what is money? Is it good or bad? Should we pursue it? Avoid it? Disregard it?

The correct answer is much more complicated, and extremities are destructive: Those who love money for money, are as a rule insecure people, lacking of internal core, transformed into energy whirlpools, subconsciously believing that by accumulating money they will manage to fill their existential void and feel safe. Actually, they often live and act under the forces of darkness’ influence, causing a lot of pain to humanity due to their cruelty and greed.

But also those who turn against money en mass and as a whole, are as a rule possessed by tendencies of self-destruction, fear of failing, lack of creativity etc, and therefore cannot withstand being engaged in the game of financial energy competition. Some percentage of them, in spite their good intention, they also live under the influence of negative forces, which keep them passive and inactive in order to suck their energy.

To make you understand what is the right attitude that you ought –as spiritual people- to hold with regards to money we must examine its moral dimension. Besides, what good or service you regard as precious or desirable in human society is mostly subjective, and therefore a matter of morality...

So, pay attention to this:

On its own, money has no ethic at all. As a transubstantiated human energy it contains a grand -but neutral- power that can be used for both good and evil equally.

The point where the morality element comes in is the means through which money is created, as well as the way that those who possess it use it next.

This means that when money is earned and accumulated by selling goods and services that are useless or harmful to the evolution of humankind, then it is serving the dark forces. The same goes when money is used to produce pain, ignorance and spiritual decay.

Conversely, when money is earned and accumulated by selling goods and services that are useful and contribute to the evolution of humankind, then it is assigned to the service of the Forces of Light. The same goes when money is used to offer relief, harmony, knowledge and spiritual growth.

At the same time, money accumulated also comprises a huge force of social intervention. It lays down events, enforces social rules and creates living conditions. Moreover, given that money controls society’s ideological mechanisms (Education, Media, Art, etc.), it dictates values and factitious needs, so that it can then go on to being re-invested in products and services that respond to these. Thus, money gives birth to new money over and over again, changing society’s structure and ethics. If therefore, money’s interventional action in your society causes propitious conditions for living and spiritual awakening, then it acts under the service of the Forces of Light. If it makes your living conditions worse and conduces to downgrading Man’s evolution, then it is working on the behalf of dark forces.

By inference, money is good and moral when it is produced from the offering of goods and services that upgrade humankind with regards to its evolution, being used subsequently for the creation of better living conditions and for the spiritual awakening of humankind.

At this point, I ought to make an important self-criticising and clarifying comment on behalf of the Grantors of Light Hierarchy (see Hierarchy key-text).

It's true that, until recently, we had not stressed as much as we should have on the critical role of money and the immense importance of its management in human societies.

We consciously chose to lay our emphasis on the enforcement of each persons individual effort for esoteric evolution. We did this in order to enable as many people as possible to obtain the increased spiritual energy capacity needed for large scale intervening Work towards servicing humanity and your planet as a whole.

Surely, this choice has been crowned with success and, today, the conditions necessary to trigger the great Work of Light with the participation of many human receptors of the Divine Plan have been created (see Service, Spiritual Action and 8000 Operators key-texts).

This choice however led de facto to a parallel undesired consequence; the attention as well as the energy reserves of many spiritual and well-intentioned people were focused almost exclusively on their inner change. This caused them a specific energy imbalance with the external reality regarding money:

Money’s power to produce reality on its own and impose social values and lifestyle was underestimated.

This underestimation led the majority of spiritual people to adopt an attitude of abstinence and indifference towards money, as they considered that their path towards spiritual awakening does not compromise with financial rivalries and material dealings.

In fact, unfortunately, in many cases this escape from financial competition and material dealings was an unconscious decision of yours, made from fear of conflict and low energy availability, although, on the contrary, one of our main initial purposes regarding your esoteric progress was your “unblocking” of this exact kind of restraining energy.

This very attitude employed by spiritual people’s majority resulted to the greatest amount of earthy money being accumulated and controlled by the dark forces. Thus, we may have succeeded in creating a sufficient “critical mass” of Champions of Light on the one hand (see 8000 Operators key-text), but on the other hand, now, the Forces of Light will have to struggle very hard to put the power of money in the service of Good…

Money’s spiritual transubstantiation

I believe that it has become clear to you now, that whoever predominates in global economy also predominates in human energy and thus also predominates in human society.

For this reason, the Grantors of Light Hierarchy is now calling on all spiritual human beings to contribute as original Champions of Light in the great effort to take universal money from the dark forces’ hands and put it into the hands of the Forces of light.

This spiritual transubstantiation of money is a goal of upmost importance which, if accomplished, will establish the most luminous and most spiritual values in your social life and will create the most propitious conditions for mankind and planetary awakening.

Let us therefore look at the ways through which you can actively contribute, in order that money may begin to flow towards the people and social structures that serve universal good.

This battle carried out by the Forces of Light, from now on focuses on 3 crucial fields of your society: the field of human values, the field of demand and the field of supply.

Human values. Predominant human values determine the goods and services for which there is greater demand. Consequently they “transfer” money towards those who offer them to your society. The higher and more spiritual your values are as humankind, the more money-power passes to good hands that manage it with goodness.

In my dictations regarding Spiritual Action I have laid down the basic values contributing to the spiritualisation of humanity, by creating good conditions for awakening – health, environment, freedom, cooperation, synergy, solidarity, abundance, security, peace, knowledge, spiritual contemplation, co-equal human relations, etc.

Your mission is to act in every possible way in order to proclaim them as predominant social values, by dynamically projecting and cultivating them in your family, your profession, your educational institutions, your social relationships, art and most importantly to the Media and internet, which are now the supreme means for the production of social values.

Moreover, you are called upon to support morally, practically and financially every human being, group or social structure that fights for the establishment of the luminous human values.

Demand. Services or goods that each one of you buys, “transfers” the money to their provider. Hence, you and only you have the upmost power to control the money-flow through your everyday choices.

Your mission is to therefore stop buying goods and services that are useless, harmful or anti-evolutionary for humankind, using as your criterion the spiritual values that I mentioned earlier. Conversely, reinforce financially only those products and services that are useful, beneficial and help your species to spiritually evolve.

In addition, by impoverishing those who manage their money with greed and negativity, and by practically and morally supporting those who produce luminous goods and services, you “transfer” the power of money into the hands of Light.

Supply. The energy consumed by each one of you through your work, is used in the production of specific goods and services.

Hence, it depends on you and only you which goods or services are provided into your society.

Your mission is to, therefore, stop working –either immediately, or gradually if considered impossible today- for people and businesses that produce useless, harmful or anti-evolutionary goods and services. Seek intensely and systematically for a profession that contributes to the production of useful, beneficial and evolutionary enhancing goods and services.

If you are business-men and women yourselves, re-examine carefully the products that you offer to people, and immediately carry out the reparative actions necessary, in the case of you discovering that their usefulness is doubtful.

Generally, aside from your personal profession, you ought to always practically, morally and financially contribute to the creation of new institutions and social structures for the production of luminous goods and services.


My beloved human brothers and sisters, always remember that money flows towards whatever wins society’s approval and acceptance. Hence, money’s spiritual transformation requires your active rejection of all the things that downgrade humankind, alongside with your active approval of all the things that spiritually upgrade humanity.

With sincere love,


Member of Grantors of Light Hierarchy

Morphogenesis project and money

Comment by Master Greek

A crucial mission of the Forces of Light is being carried out through the creation of Morphogenesis, with a double goal:

1. A mighty spiritual system for the manifestation of goals being offered to humanity, in order that it may be used –individually or jointly- for the creation of propitious spiritual awakening conditions and

2. Organising the spiritual people around the world in a Planetary Network of awakening (New Earth Network), through which the values of Light will be promoted in collective social frames.

On account of this, apart from covering the running needs of the project, a big part of the money raised from Morphogenesis’ e-lessons will be invested in offering service activities.

The preparation for organising powerful positive thought-form transmission sessions through synchronised teamwork on a universal scale via Morphogenesis, has already begun, based on a specific protocol which will be recorded in many languages and provided from this website. More is yet to come...

For this reason, trainees of Morphogenesis system need to know that with their financial subscription they are partaking in a broader plan of service-offering and money spiritualization.

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