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Money Spiritualization (part II)

Money Spiritualization (part II)


Addition by the Seeker

As a contributor of the Morphogenesis system I would like to make an important addition to the text of money spiritualization. The need for this addition has arisen because of the question that has been repeatedly raised by some trainees in Morphogenesis, which is just this: “Since Morphogenesis is something spiritual and offers spiritual knowledge, shouldn’t this knowledge be given free instead of being offered for a fee?”.

And I think that many participants in Morphogenesis have wondered about the same thing, whether they are trainees or just participants, regardless whether they have not expressed it themselves with a direct question as it was with some friends who did it. Furthermore, for some people, this reproach-question towards Morphogenesis, it may be a good reason why they are not participating in Morphogenesis’ training, since the financial transaction means to them the absence of the “spiritual”.

I can totally understand them because I myself used to have a similar attitude and belief as a seeker. Fortunately the text of “Money Spiritualization” (part I)  that was dictated to the Master “Greek” by the Higher  Spiritual Hierarchy puts things into prospective and dispels much of this misunderstanding.

This internal strife that harasses many spiritual and generally good willing people is based on the mistaken belief “that in order for something to be spiritual it must not have to do with money”. This has its roots in what was referred in the text as spiritual and good intent people’s efforts for spiritual awakening. These people were completely given in this effort. This devotion resulted (due to investing their time and energy in inner exercises and spiritual awakening) in a de facto development of an attitude of forbearance and apathy, practically against money, simply because they wanted to give all their energy to spiritual effort.

But as it is mentioned in the text dictated by the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy, in order for someone to develop a successful financial structure, they should devote to it time and energy. Thus, this mistaken belief, that money and spirituality are two opposite things, was slowly built. But in practice this attitude eventually had very negative results because it allowed the steady accumulation of wealth by the “non-spiritual people” who then used it for greater control and exploitation of other people.

Another factor that helped creating this false belief was the fact that the collective consciousness was dominated by the image of the spiritual man being the kind of “hermit” (e.g. Gandhi type). This kind of spiritual teacher has reduced his needs to minimum and does not actually need any money.

He eats little food because he makes long fasts, the food he eats comes from offers, and he has a simple garment just to cover his naked body while living in a hermitage. But this image, on the other hand, has discouraged many spiritual people to move more actively into their spiritual path, simply because they didn’t want or bear to become hermits in order to be spiritually developed.

They much desired their spiritual involvement and progress but they also wanted to keep “their normal everyday life” as well. However, when we speak about “normal life” and not life of an ascetic who has no longer the need of money because he has reduced his needs practically close to zero, it means that there must be a source of financing to ensure that normal life. It can’t be otherwise.

And because in this questioning people with spiritual interests could not come up with both a reliable and practical response, they were discouraged and went no further.


So the adoption of this image of the spiritual man of hermit type, did great damage and created tremendous internal conflict in all those people of good will who wanted to seek their spiritual path with greater zeal.

This internal conflict continues to plague even today many spiritual people. These people on one hand think that anything spiritual must be free of charge, they even go further by considering it as a sign of a healthy spirituality. On the other hand, because they can not find a solution on how to be spiritual people and continue to meet their financial needs of ordinary everyday life, they give up and stop pursuing their true spiritual calling.

While they feel the call to be involved with something more spiritual more actively, it is also instantaneously activated the toxic belief they have that in order for something to be spiritual it must not include money. However, as we’ve said, then they are concerned about how to continue meeting their financial needs. And because they can’ t come up with a convincing answer, it makes them stop from getting more active and developing a concrete action plan in order to  pursue  their spiritual vision-call.

So they don’t give the opportunity to their call to flourish and manifest, so it is actually themselves who drown it into their toxic belief about money and spirituality. They remain in the same jobs which don’t like and they don’ t get satisfaction from, but most importantly a lot of these jobs don’t offer the best service to humanity. On the other hand they always have a feeling of  an internal void, since they have failed to pursue their spiritual call in practise.


The  most common and frequent question we receive through Morphogenesis’ hotline of spiritual guidance, is by frustrated people of good will complaining that their higher self hasn’t yet revealed to them their higher path and life’ s work. The answer is that in fact it’s themselves that block it through the toxic beliefs about spirituality and money. Furthermore, to be more precise, we have to say that their questions express their concerns how spirituality can become actually applied spirituality, to take specific shape into their lives, to become practical work and not to remain only mental concepts and theories.


All of our friends have to understand that Creation has provided for us to have a great life’ s work, because in this way we become partakers in the best way to the divine plan and this work is a full-time project. This project is the main priority in our lives. And when something is full-time must be financially supported. If it wasn’t a full-time work we would’ t ask by our Higher Self to reveal our life’ s work, but we would ask Him to reveal our life’ s best hobby - to joke a little.

And to those whose mind is influenced by old limiting beliefs, and fear that is very difficult to succeed in their life’ s work and that this work won’t offer them financial comfort, I tell them this:

Don’t we all spiritual people use to say that everything in Creation is made ​​with incredible Wisdom and Harmony? This is exactly what we say. Wouldn’t it be absurd in terms of this Wisdom and Harmony, on one hand the Spirit to inspire us with this deep desire to do our life’ s work that will fulfil us completely and will make the greatest contribution to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, and on the other hand Existence itself (in its endless abundance) not to have to provide for the means by which this life’ s work  to be financially supported?

But this is the first practical requirement for someone to take over this project. If this hadn’t happened we wouldn’t have had in practise a  manifestation of Divine Providence, but sadism; and this is not in the nature of Creation. If it hadn’t made provision for this parameter, it would have been as if the very Existence was sabotaging itself. It has provided for it and it has also provided for the financial reward to be the maximum possible.

Why do we constantly negate God by these feeble-minded views? While we make abstract philosophical discussions we see the Creation full of Wisdom, Harmony and Perfection, but when things start becoming more practical we become the worst hypocrites and negate all these “big words”.


To make this clear once and for all to our more or less spiritual friends; Existence wants us to develop the maximum of our potential and in order to attain this intent, it makes sure to lay a foundation upon which all spiritual people (and all people in general who are willing to pursue their calling) can build a lifetime of achievement. This foundation is the financial security, of course together with the desire to carry out the work designed for you (because you might activate your free will consciously or unconsciously, and to deny it like the majority of people unconsciously does).

The only reason this isn’t happening today on a massive scale is because we block it ourselves with our toxic beliefs.
To put it more clearly: I, the seeker, if I had to operate under the toxic belief about spirituality and money, I would have to support myself financially doing a job that would not be spiritual (as money and spirituality should not be mixed).

Probably I would have remained in my old job (banking sector). However, this would mean that I should spend much time and energy on this job (and I did so, because it was a carrier job…). I am asking you directly, would I have enough time and energy to spend on Morphogenesis project?

A project that has very high demands in time and effort in order for you to get all this knowledge filtered, organized and methodically presented. I would never have time available to answer to all your questions and of course I should also be able to afford all the incurring costs of this effort. I should necessarily squeeze it in my spare time left-over from my conventional job. But then at that time I should also rest and deal with the rest of my personal life affairs.

You understand that in fact I would be condemned not to deal with this project or to deal with it on a hobby basis, but without the possibility of a large-scale Work. So I would continue to be one more “spiritual man” who works for non-spiritual business (i.e. gives his energy), and by doing so he makes sure that money keeps rolling into the hands of non-spiritual people.

I'd give my energy for the non-spiritual people to become more powerful and be able to create imbalance in mankind in an even larger scale than they could already create. These people would continue to produce and offer products and services that degrade man and his development.
And all this just to be “loyal” to the mistaken belief that spirituality and money can not go hand in hand.


I want to use a similar example to make my position more clear. The example I’m going to use includes doctors. By the same logic that spirituality is a blessing that needs to be offered for free, health also, which is a fundamental good should be delivered for free (do not be confused with free health care systems that exist in various countries, because doctors are paid back by the taxpayers' money).

Then no doctor should charge for his services. This would result in doctors being forced to practice another profession to make a living and offer their free service during their free time. But would that be a good solution? Of course not.

In fact we pay doctors and even handsomely to relieve them from the worries of livelihood so they are able to offer their services to the community undisturbed, because thus we recognize the importance of their service to society. We want them to have financial comfort in order to devote in medical research or to train even better for us to get better service from them.

Regardless whether today a great portion of the medicine serves the interest of big pharmaceutical companies and does not really offer good service to the greater good of society. But this is a different story to be discussed in the future.


The idea behind ​​paying the doctors is to enable them to offer better services undisturbed. The same applies to the “spiritual entrepreneurship”. People who offer spiritual knowledge and contribute to benefiting and spiritually evolving the human species should be supported financially because in that way they can do it better, on a larger scale, and also that way money moves towards the service of the Forces of Light.


It's amazing sometimes, how people of good will give their money “without a grumble” and without much thought to buy products and services that not only don’t they need but also contribute to the spiritual degradation and ignorance of man.

They also buy things that will soon wear out and will need to buy them again. But what happens when they are to pay for spiritual knowledge, which is something that does not wear out nor gets outdated but only gets better and better as you understand it at deeper level and it may cause their lives to change dramatically for the better? They consider it a lot and are extremely cautious and even accuse those spiritual people who dare to ask for money.

Most of the times the amounts they spend “thoughtlessly” in products that in fact degrade humans are much higher than the amounts required to pay for spiritual knowledge. I give you once more the example of Morphogenesis, where someone with 49 Euros may have all the knowledge of the system and change his life in depth and to a degree that can not even imagine. And it' s something that after the purchase it doesn’t wear out, it doesn’t gets outdated, but one can built on it greater awareness, that is essentially personal power.

I would like to ask all of you, who amongst you reading this text has not spent 49 Euros for a pair of pants (of course a relatively simple pair of pants rather than a designer brand that costs much more). Surely you have all done it.

You bought a pair of pants that I am sure it was nice and maybe 2-3 people made you a compliment about it, but think about the added value to yourself and your life from those two different options. There is not even a comparison between them; it’ s funny even to discuss. And yet many people pay more money easily for a pair of pants, rather than less for something that will upgrade their whole being.


This has resulted in several spiritual people being “forced” to request money in an indirect way, inventing various “mental alchemies” (I would call them “stupid excuses” that degrade the intelligence of a human being) like one I had come across in my “career” as seeker. In that particular case, the excuse in order for the spiritual teacher to ask for money was always that there should be an energy balance in exchange between giving and taking and that is why they took  money; not because they wanted the money but for the maintenance of the “energy balance” (of course now I laugh at that sort of things because I know what actually happens).

The negative effect of all this was the continuation of the toxic belief’s guilt about the spiritual man who shouldn’t ask for money, as well as the inability to be created a relationship of pure trust between the spiritual man providing the knowledge and those spiritual people taking it. Namely, it blocked the creation of a relationship that is genuine sincere and full of honesty because there was always the thorn of money.


Thankfully this has now started changing. It is a good sign that the shifting of money from the hands of non-spiritual people (who by their works serve the forces of darkness) into the hands of spiritual people who have the mission to promote the work of the Forces of Light, has already started actively.
Now think of it from another point of view:

If a spiritual man accumulates money, how do you believe he will then channel that money beside the direct charity work he may perform? Of course in other channels (products and services of other spiritual people) who serve the work of Light with the criterion of moral basis as defined by the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy in the text of “money spiritualization”(part I).

The spiritual man has the great advantage of being more conscious, has an increased presence and can not be easily seduced by the common tricks of the modern marketing practiced by non-spiritual people to usurp money from others (to joke a bit, being a spiritual person, it is more financially beneficial).

Some people remain sceptical and continue to consider the cases of people who in the name of “spirituality” fell victims to various sects and heresies while their entire fortune was removed from them. But this has nothing to do with true spirituality, but rather has more to do with common sense.

The spiritual man must always be a man who is able to think as a mature and free being and use his common sense and discrimination (increased awareness and presence I mentioned above) and understand whether what he is asked for is a reasonable price or something else.

People who fall victims to such frauds are usually people with a very large “hole” in their psyche, easily detected by cunning people who take advantage of it.
On the other hand every man should be cautious enough to examine the origin of knowledge received; he should do this. He should ensure that those who convey to him any spiritual knowledge are themselves cognoscente and spiritual people in practice. Here matters what Christ said “Ye shall know them by their fruits


I think now it is clear that every spiritual man’s responsibility is to help eliminate the old toxic belief about  spirituality and money. All spiritual men of good will that keep believing this, must understand that in fact they unwittingly help to continue the accumulation of money in the hands of non-spiritual men, with all the negative consequences we've seen so far in this accumulation.

If they conversely supported the new belief that spiritual people should be paid for the service they offer, in the sense that we will enable them to offer even greater service and become a living example for more spiritual and good will people to see that there is a way to  follow their spiritual calling and being supported  financially, then they would offer a great help money to pass onto the hands of spiritual people and the  Forces of Light.


We should create a worldwide network where the spiritual people will come to the fore professionally and bring to the entrepreneurial the values ​​and ethics of Light. If spiritual people remain financially in the background, they don’ t benefit in any way the spiritual evolution of mankind and the planet. We saw in practice that this attitude brings only negative consequences. Until today, almost the entire “field” of entrepreneurship has been left to the non-spiritual people and we have also seen where things are going. It is the duty of the spiritual men to not allow this situation to continue further.

We, the spiritual people, the people of good will, let’s join our power altogether in order to transmute this hindrance of money accumulation and exploitation by the wrong people. It is our responsibility, duty and part of our spiritual evolution to make this happen…

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