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Spiritual Action

Spiritual Action

New Earth Network and Spiritual Action.

How to find your own Service Field and through which ways we can offer Service


From an introduction made by the Greek, October 2009


From the moment that we gain the necessary conscious and set Service inclination, it is certain that we will be included in the category of the Champions of Light Candidates. This means that the aspect of the Divine Plan for humanity that concerns us personally is already “there”, available, and awaits for us to tune ourselves with it in order to “download” it in our conscious mind - as I have already explained to you, this occurs either via a direct contact or via a thought-form (imprinting through a dream, contemplation, synchronicity, etc.).

The key point for a Candidate, therefore, is to establish certain conditions for “spiritual receptivity” in their daily life (from a few minutes a day, to a few hours each week), in order to finally receive their personal message for the “field” which they have been called to offer a service to.

The following are a number of things that one can do for this goal:

A. Frequent body cleansing (avoid unnecessary fatigue, bathe daily, eat plainly and healthily, etc.)

B. Frequent psychic cleansing (avoid negative feelings, develop sentiments of peace, of love, of mercy, of unity and contribution).

C. Frequent mental cleansing and contemplation (avoid unnecessary mental wanderings, avoid negative thought, and develop spiritual clarity, positive thoughts and abstract reflections with relation to the deeper meaning of life, the enlightenment, the awaking of humanity).

D. Frequent spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, energetic healing, etc) which enforce receptivity to higher spiritual energies.

E. Frequent invocation to particular higher beings, with whom one may have special psychic bonds (either themselves or their family) on account of having been benefited by them or having been protected by them during adverse times in their life (e.g. saints or angels, spiritual masters, protective deities, etc.).

More specifically -and given that one abides by all the abovementioned- there are two more practical ways through which one can crystallize their mission for Service.

A. Dream-working. Here, suffice one to “program” their subconscious. I.e. each time they lie down to sleep, they must consciously and emphatically declare their wish to be informed about their particular mission of service and must also place a note-book and pencil next to them. Through this simple way of “programming”, and if one strictly persists for a few days, it is certain that they will finally have some kind of important lucid and conscious dream, where their mission shall be revealed to them.

B. Work with synchronicity. Here, similarly to dreams, one can be “self-programmed” to request daily (better if it’s in the morning, as soon as they wake up) for a crucial “accidental” event to happen to them, through which they can learn their mission. This may be about a conversation in which they will find themselves “accidentally”. An appropriate book or leaflet may “accidentally” be passed to them. It may be some kind of television or radio show or a certain blog on the internet. And once again, if one solidly persists and requests, the thought-form of the Divine Plan will find a way to “talk” to them…

Once one receives their mission, the only thing left to do is to consciously accept it. Then, they will essentially belong to the Champions of Light and will participate, act and offer as a dynamic component of the New Earth Network.

Spiritual Action for service is now carried out in two ways:

A. Esoteric Spiritual Action. Here, the Champion of Light works –both alone but mainly collectively- with other fellow companions from around the world, through tuned praying, meditation and other energetic techniques, for the purpose of attracting the appropriate beneficial spiritual energies and the construction of the appropriate beneficial thought-form which will bring on the necessary positive changes in the field of their service. The training on Morphogenesis System is priceless in this part of Esoteric Spiritual Action.

B. Social Spiritual Action. Here, the Champion of Light carries out a practical offer of service, by actively participating in social service institutions, clubs, organizations, etc. or creates their own institution of such kind, attracting around them other good-willed people as well. The goal, as we have already said, is the creation of better conditions for spiritual awaking, on a local and planetary level. Environment protection, charity and the relief from poverty, human rights, social justice, international peace, the prevalence of medical care for everyone, fighting human greed and negativity, the liberty of speech and religion, the peaceful harmonic human relationships, are only a few of the fields that the Warrior of Light is called to actively offer in.

Through this participation, of course, the Champion do not act as mere good-willed persons would. Precisely because they consciously “convey” their whole spiritual background and high quality to their action, they are essentially “giving off” this beneficial energy to those around them and contribute to the spiritualization of the social institution in which they belong to. They function as a spiritual sun of offer and service…

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