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"Money Global Visualization", the new phase of evolution. A shift to the "heart energy"

  • What is this new phase of evolution of the "Money Global Visualization"
  • Vibrational frequency shift of the energy we supply the new thought form of money
  • Rise from the egotistic "lower chakras" energy to the heart energy 



Dear Friends,

The Money Global Visualisation that started on the 23/12/2012 aimed at shifting the concepts and the negative vibes in which money was (and still is for the large majority of people) restricted. In essence, it aimed at shifting the energy in which money is restricted to and which sustains money in its old substance. That is money as a means of manipulation, domination and mainly separation of people. The function of money up to nowadays has been characterised by greed, conflict, pain and cruelty towards the human factor. Some people have turned other fellow human beings into ''disposable ones'' for ''financial reasons'' and in no occasion has money been placed in the service of pure benefit for humankind as a whole. This whole construction (thought-form if we want to be ''technically'' correct) was ''permeated and enlivened '' by an energy of a particular vibration and frequency of egotistic separation. 


This energy is of a particular vibration, rougher texture and slower movement. It is an energy of the lower-diaphragmatic chakras that relate to vital power and the instincts of survival and dominance. Unfortunately, the ''genius'' (logic) of man has been employed at the service of this "egotistic'' energy thus creating more complex systems of financial dominance and manipulation. However, the main problem is the frequency of this energy. If the energy was of a higher vibration, the same genius used today for dominance and manipulation would have resulted in entirely different  deeds.

Therefore, the primary aim of the Money Global Visualisation was to ''strike'', that is to transmute the vibration of this egotistical energy.


The vast majority of people worldwide was connected to this negative thought form through the energy of the lower chakras. That is, unconsciously and mechanically, they fed this pathogenic thought-form with their vital energy. Some news alone about a financial crisis and an artful ''blackmail'' related to a lack of money where able to cause large groups of people ''release-emission'' of energy of fear and lack of money which directly fed this thought-form.

Unfortunately many ''spiritual'' people, people of good will, got caught up in the web of this thought-form and unwillingly fed it without being able to do differently. Many actually intuitively felt that something was not right with this kind of energy. However, to a great degree and despite their good intention, they found themselves under the influence of negative forces that have built the old pathogenic thought-form about money. These forces drained their energy and kept them in a constant passivity and idleness.

Despite being mentally aware of the game being played, they did not know how to express their reaction, mainly on a practical level, that is which stance to adopt, so they began to disdain money altogether, not being able to cope with being involved in the energetic game of financial competition. This road, however, proved a dead-end for them as it led them to be consumed by self-destructing tendencies, fear of failure, lack of creativity, etc, resulting in their ''energy shrinkage''.


When, initially, the Global Money Visualization was launched (12/23/2012), it’s aim was to detach people from this mechanical connection and energy feeding of the ''toxic old thought-form of money'', and therefore το cause it suffer a serious blow. Having lost its usual ''feed'' it would not be able to function as it used to. Our intervention had to be direct because the ongoing gigantic size-gains of this toxic thought form demanded and an ever-growing energy feed, thus it would create even more intense situations of ''fear and lack'' aiming to create greater fear in people and therefore feed it with greater energy supplies. That is, as the “toxic thought form”  was getting bigger, its pressure on people through fear would grow and this is something you can witness by the ''financial crisis'' it has already created worldwide. The visualisation has successfully caused a split in this pathologic energy connection, while simultaneously it has created a new thought form of concepts about money. It has also created a new destination (thought-form) for the vital energy of people in regard to the concept of money. This was the most difficult aspect of the entire effort because the unconscious ties of people with the pathologic thought-form of money was very powerful and installed for centuries. However, the great advantage of visualisation is that its energy and action are conscious. The energy of all the operators is consciously attuned towards a particular direction and this increases its power exponentially! In contrast, the old thought-form about money denominates in quantitative characteristics but the large majority of people that feed it do so mechanically and unconsciously. It is the exact same thing we have seen in many occasions where a mob of thousands of people protests but a team of concerted people (e.g. the police, the military) is able to suppress them. The energy of the mob is greater in sum but it functions unconsciously and this takes power away from it.


As we have said, the most difficult and important aim of the visualisation was to achieve a split in the feeding of the old thought-form. That is something we have achieved, that is why you can see all the ''established'' financial systems in a state of crisis and disturbance. The time has come to enter a new phase. This phase is due to our moving on to bring the new energy that will literally ''bombard'' the planet and the hearts of the operators who will then ground this energy. With this new energy they will enhance and feed this new thought-form of money that we have already established in our visualisation.


What is currently happening on the entire planet is a big shift of consciousness, a change of frequency we could say speaking more technically. The dominating energy that has driven things to a dead-end is the egotistic energy. The field of this energy is disbanding, getting ''uprooted'' from the planet. Of course this ''uprooting'' does not always happen in a smooth way and in many occasions it causes pain as there are sizeable overthrows in established perceptions and stereotypes of hundreds of years old. The energies of the ''ego'' in many sectors are still very active and ''resisting'' to change exactly because they are aware that the change means their death. The egotistical energy still remains powerful and its influence corrosive enough even for all of us Champions/Workers of Light who know exactly what is happening. It is often difficult to maintain balance facing the external situations that are being formed by the egotistic energy.

It is this ''old energy'' that is ''forcing'' us to live mainly through the lower-diaphragmatic chakras. It is this energy that fully reinforced separatism and extreme polarity. Through this energy everything had to be dealt with in a continuous struggle, an endless battle for survival where there was no place for the defeated. Defeat meant a great reduction of life's quality for the losers. Therefore, everyone felt they had to be winners regardless of means as not to find themselves on the losers’  side. The vibration frequency of this energy is familiar to all of us and it is named FEAR.


The new energy that comes to upgrade the planet is of a higher frequency and it can not be experienced through the lower chakras. Pay attention that we do not mean that the lower chakras will be abandoned but that they will become means of expression of this energy, they will function complementarily as its carriers to the physical plane, a role that they were designed to play since the beginning of Creation instead of the false role of the "creator" that they ended up with through the domination of the egotistic energy.



The quality of the new energy is mainly characterised by the lack of struggle and fight. It is an energy of harmony, flow and easiness - in the sense of a complete lack of resistance. Its name could be the flow of Divine Harmony.


This energy can only be experienced through the heart. It is not coming to conquer even if it seems so. It is not in conflict with the egotistic energy (this is something against its nature). What is really happening is that in its presence, the old egotistic energy seizes to exist. The creations of the egotistic energy start to dissolve and self-destruct. Pay attention that the new energy does not conquer nor destroy them (like we have said, that is not possible because it is against the nature-frequency of this energy). It is just that their feeding from the old energy seizes and they now turn to pieces, they decay in energy on their own, making space for the new to appear.


Here we have to clarify and explain the reason why, in the Visualisation, we used mainly energy of “vital nature” (that is energy mainly of the lower chakras), while we also used imagery of warfare against the old thought-form. In noticing this, questions may be invoked and a sense of contradiction might also arise, especially after what you have just read about the nature of this new heart energy. But the answer is that It has had to happen like this for two reasons. Firstly, most participating operators are more familiar with the “vital” energy of the lower chakras and secondly the disengagement had to take place on the terms (at least initially) of the game that the old thought-form had established and most people had agreed with. That is, whether we like it or not, the old thought-form of money on the physical plane already was an existing reality we all participated in. We had silently agreed to its rules. That is why we have said that this first phase of Money Global Visualization was the most difficult part and demanded a significant amount of energy effort (we have already overcome a year of continuous emissions). Someone could ask why do we not use the new energy (heart energy) straight away. The problem is that the consciousness of many operators is still ''trapped'' in the egotistic frequency. Notice within yourselves where your attention is turned to throughout the longest part of the day. If you are observant enough, with high self awareness, it will not be hard to see that your attention is placed in external phenomena and that you are mainly occupied with what action you will take to cope with your everyday life situations.  Although the energy of the heart is much higher in quality and vibration, the vast majority is not ready yet to allow its operation through them.


Considering this fact, it was surely a shorter and more effective way for a conscious reaction of "organised operators" of energy to exist, in the way we do in the visualisation, even if the way we employ partly shares the characteristics of the polemic of the egotistic energy. It is for exactly this reason that we are now ready to move to the new phase, as after the blow that the old thought-form has suffered, the consciousness of the operators and many other spiritual people has "won" more degrees of freedom, it has achieved through this liberation an important uplift of frequency that now allows it to come into contact with the new energy. Perhaps for some time to come we will have to keep one foot on the old energy and one on the new one. However, as we will explain below, this is something that is "karmically" within the range of abilities we have been “equipped with” in our present incarnation.


The new energy is not of a polemic nature. As the energy of the heart, is of a higher frequency and of a more etherial nature, it is manifested as a sweet, mild energy. There might be some difficulty in feeling it at first, as the majority of people, like we have said, is accustomed to the old and "harsher" egotistic energy.

The energy we will experience through the heart is never pressing, it will never lead us to do something under pressure or because of a need. It is friendly, it is an energy of harmony and it becomes manifested as mild impulses that suggest we do things the easy way. Ιt is the energy that knows what we really have in our heart and what we want to do in our lives in order to utilise our entire potential, our Divine potential as humans. This energy can not be met through "mental knowledge", it can not be manipulated, imposed on or possessed. These are practices and residual impulses of the old, egotistic energy. With the new energy, even though is it ever-present, there is only one way to get in touch with it and allow it to flow in our lives. This way is the feeling of trust. Trust can only exist in the heart. Whoever attempts to apply it through the mind will fail as that is where they will find doubt. The transition will be difficult because we have become used to relying on the mind (led of course by the egotistic energy of the lower chakras) on the heart's expense and it is not easy for us to detach from this old habit. Progressively, however, this is humanity's path, the path of the heart. The leap from the lower chakras to the heart can only be achieved in a particular way, the one of sentiment and trust. There is no other way. As long as we seek to confirm and acknowledge the heart energy mentally, through “logic”, this can never happen because they are energies of a different vibration. Consider for a moment the emotional state when you experienced intense trust for something. Now consider the emotional state of doubt. Try comparing on a sensational level the vibration frequency of the two states. You will see that they are entirely different, one can never lead to the other.



This energy also bears another significant difference to the old one. It is not an energy of ''DOING'' but an energy of "BEING". The old egotistic energy was turned towards the external plane and action. It constantly demanded evermore action. Consider for a moment the global financial dead-end where the desire-“command” for constant development (i.e. action) has led. As soon as development seizes, economies seem to crumble. On the other hand the constant action for achieving development leads to the ever-increasing exhaustion and destruction of the planet. The action-development while it was ''promoted'' as something very positive, is the main cause of today's dead-end. In order to make a comparison, remember that cancer cells within an organism are the most active and developing cells. Does this comparison tell you anything?


The new heart energy will not be based on action as a lever for creation but action will return to its real dimension which is a means of expressing the creation that takes place in the heart. That is exactly what will happen with money. It will become the means of these higher qualities of every human being. When man is not occupied with the needs of survival, where does he turn his interest? To his true creative expression, to self-fulfilment and self-actualization.

Through the new energy of the heart, it will be easy for the energy of the soul of each person to find the path of its expression on the physical world, on the physical plane. The energy of the heart overcomes the duality that functions so intensely in the context of the egotistic energy. The big difference is that the energy of the heart, even though it will continue to function within the physical context where duality exists, in a very particular way it will transcend it, because it will not attach itself to any pole, as it happens with the action of the heart energy. It is free to employ for its expression any form of polarity without attachment. Duality will constitute a brilliant tool of expression at the service of the heart energy.


In this new phase of  the "Money Global Visualisation" we are called to bring this energy of the heart to our new thought-form about money. Money through the energy of the heart represents limitless possibilities of expression. Money is innocent as an energy. If it functions in the context of the heart, it gives pleasure and it serves people. 

Additionally, the energy of the heart secures that there can not be exaggerations with money, as it happens when money is experienced and employed by the lower chakras of the egotistic energy. The energy from the level of the heart has two distinct qualities, it brings the flow of easiness and the flow of sufficiency. Through the heart and the new energy the spiritual energy of man's soul will be expressed. This expression will have the flow of easiness.                              

The energy of the soul is sensitive, it can not be expressed fully without the quality of easiness. As soon as there is a predicament, the spiritual energy of our soul withdraws, it does not express itself to its maximum potential. It is made to function in flow which means easiness. Τhe energy of the heart does not pressure. We will have to forget any ideas we might have regarding ''heroic souls". Unfortunately, because of the widespread dominance of the egotistic energy in previous centuries, some spiritual people were forced to give harsh battles using their own "egotistic power" against the ''egotistic power" of others in order to create some satisfactory conditions of safety and freedom and to therefore creatively express, through hardship and pain, a part of their soul. And for each one that succeeded even in part to express themselves, there were numerous other ''spiritual people'', "sensitive souls" that were not able to express their soul's energy at all. Hereinafter, the new heart energy will be expressed in the quality of easiness. For the facilitation of this aim-mission have arrived on the planet a large number of new souls. 



The new souls that have been incarnated on the planet (mainly people who are almost 20 years old and younger today) carry to a great degree this quality of the easiness of the heart. At this point we would however like to clarify something. Many of you who are older than 20 years old may think that, since you do not belong to this generation of souls, you have missed the train of the wonderful spiritual breakthroughs that are going to follow, you feel in a way subordinate to these "new souls". Βesides, so many things have been written about the advantages of these new children that make you feel even more disadvantaged towards the “indigo children”, the “crystal ones” or any other names they have been given.

We inform you that you are making a great mistake. This opinion derives from your logical linear mind, saturated of course by the influence of the egotistic mindset that can not comprehend the big picture of the Divine Plan. We inform you that you are vey advanced souls which have been reincarnated many times on planet Earth and thus know entirely the physical dimension and what applies here, in the three-dimensional physical reality.



After the great energy “infusion” that happened in the beginning of the 1960s, when a large quantity of the energy type of love, the type of the heart, was poured on the planet, the following phenomenon was detected by the Spiritual Hierarchy. The souls that could "karmically" accept to a big extent and capacity this energy of pure love, that is to function as receptors and ground it, were not experienced at all in the game of the "egotistic harsh energy". This resulted to this energy of love, in whichever form it was expressed, being finally "defeated" by the egotistic energy that was dominant on the planet. The souls that were capable of accepting and grounding this energy of love were too "soft" to withstand the reaction of the egotistic energy.


There was the following difficulty. In order to be able to receive the energy of love in great quantity, the souls had to not be "karmically impure and indebted" to the egotistic energy. Therefore, the chosen souls were ones with a lack of history-and thus experience- on the earthly plane. However, this also had the disadvantage that they did not withstand the pressure of the egotistic energy. And unfortunately, many of these souls, not being able to cope with their mission because of the reaction they faced, led their particular earthly incarnation to self-destruction (suicide, drugs and other addictions or dead-end attachment to various pleasures).

That is when it became apparent to the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy that a different route had to be taken. "Chosen souls" of a dual aim had to be sent as a bridge. They had to both withstand the "warfare" of the egotistic energy and ground the energy of love, the higher spiritual energy. All the following fifty years after the 60s, many experienced and skilful souls were embodied on the earthly plane. Souls that could concurrently function within the polemic of the egotistic energy and carry the Light of the heart energy. In the past, these souls had become very aware of the game of the egotistic energy. Do you know why the were aware? Because they were amongst the first ones that were involved in its creation. (In another text we may be given the chance to talk further about this "seemingly paradox" fact, how the souls that today are at the forefront of the egotistic energy's overturn were the ones that brought the egotistic energy on the planet!)

Most of these souls were embodied voluntarily and not through karmic obligation. This is the reason -if you notice closely- these souls in their last earthly incarnation are in good and balanced "favouring" conditions for their mission. That is they are not experiencing extreme conditions of pain and deprivation, nor of exaggeration of ''pleasures" with danger of attachment to superficialities. They were incarnated voluntarily to provide service.

These "selected" souls function exactly as an army initially sends the commandos to enemy ground in order to create the conditions that bridge the following "landing" of the main corps.

That is why you must not consider yourselves "subordinate" in relation to the "new souls", because you simply belong to the chosen team of souls that specialise in "suicide mission" (for a dramatic narrative tone).


Please stop reading for a moment and address a honourable and respectful greeting to all these "chosen" souls (yourself included) that came earlier and paved the way for a feasible mass landing of souls on the planet that will ground the energy of the heart to a great degree.  


We end this big parenthesis about new and old souls and return to why the energy of the heart secures that there can not be a pathogeny regarding money.  


We have said that one of its two significant qualities is the flow of easiness. The second and maybe more significant one is the flow of sufficiency.

There needs to be a sufficiency of conditions for the soul to express itself comfortably. Naturally, within these conditions there are financial ones. Pay attention that sufficiency means not less than what is necessary but mainly not more.

More is what the egotistic energy aspires to because it is in a state of fear and insecurity that it will not have enough. For the energy of the heart, more is a hurdle, it becomes a burden that will prevent it express what it really wants. Imagine your soul wanting to express itself as a writer who needs time and some isolation in order to write and you keep acquiring new assets you need to deal with and manage on a daily basis. Then more on a financial basis becomes a hurdle.   

The energy of the heart will secure that every person willing to trust and allow it, will have this easy coming energy of sufficiency. This energy of sufficiency will flow within them in order to secure that they will have plenty of time and financial provision in order to focus -worry free- on the most beautiful part of their lives, which is the creative expression of their talents. The energy of the heart (and not the mind and the survival instinct) is what will show people how much is enough for them at any given moment of their life and what is the easiest thing for them to get involved with. The heart itself does not allow greed as it is a hurdle to its creative expression and therefore to its bliss. Pay attention that if the authentic expression of your heart requires extended financial wealth, the energy of the heart will guide you to it so that you will express your work that requires extended wealth. In this occasion less wealth would be a hurdle to the work of the heart.

The energy of the heart is the direct connection to the core of Divine Creation. The heart does not have a reason to be greedy because it is connected to the Divine energy and knows that It is the Source of everything. That is what feeds it with whatever it requires. That is why all the great spiritual teachers insisted on proclaiming that the solution is the heart and not the mind.

The egotistic energy can not comprehend this because it exists in the state of separatism. That means it is detached from the Divine energy so it does not have the certainty of the continuous supply from the eternal source of everything. So it feels alone, full of insecurity and fear. It needs everything in large quantities because it never knows if what it owns is enough. Greed necessarily becomes a survival strategy. The egotistic energy experiences loneliness, naturally it can not trust itself as that is where it feels the main insecurity. It is therefore trapped in a vicious circle of no trust and insecurity.

The energy of the heart that brings the flow of sufficiency will become perceived as a thin, delicate and warm energy, with a deep feeling of trust and satisfaction. It is the feeling of satisfaction that everything that is needed for the full expression of the true wishes of the soul in the physical world is already available. Man does not need to look outside for their satisfaction because the providing takes place in the energy of the heart through its connection with the Divine Source of the creation of all. The people who experience this energy of sufficiency that springs from the heart, feel gratitude for what they "already feel they have received". They feel that the Divine source takes care of them and looks after them. They see all the material aspects around them reflect this feeling of trust, gratitude and security that derives from the flow of sufficiency in the energy of the heart. This is the true sensation of abundance, the liberating abundance that comes from the heart, and not the abundance that comes from the egotistic energy where the more someone obtains, the more they get constrained.  

Pay attention that the energy of the flow of sufficiency is a sensation. It is not a pre-decided quantity you define by logic. Practically, this sensation coming from the heart is what will guide your mind to know what is "enough and sufficient" for you at any given instance. Therefore your mind will be employed in the service of the heart and mainly greed will be eliminated because, as we have said, the heart functions in an optimum manner only with the quantity that is appropriate in any given situation. Less and more are negative situations for the energy of the heart. And since the heart is in a permanent connection with the Divine energy, it always knows through the Divine Wisdom what the optimum quantity for every situation is and what exactly the soul needs in order to express itself fully.

That is why we have said that the energy of the heart only needs our trust towards it. We may find it difficult to switch over from the egotistic energy's feeling of fear to the feeling of trust of the heart but any temporary difficulty we may have to overcome is worthwhile.

The energy of the heart will take care of all our issues in all sectors, not only the financial one, because for the full expression of the soul to happen, a person must not be experiencing any serious lack or pain in any field of their life. 

It is this energy that will return to the surface our natural beauty and innocence. Through our natural innocence and kindness we will express our true selves in the natural reality (material world). All humans long to be loved and accepted for what we really are without having to wear any masks. The energy of the heart will guide us to express our true nature and to be loved for it.

It is a lie and a misconception that spiritual evolution imposes in any way the abandonment of natural expression and the turn to the spiritual fields. The truth is exactly the opposite, that the energy of the heart asks to express our spiritual nature within the material reality and in essence to "bring heaven on earth" and not to abandon the material reality in favour of the spiritual one.  

This is the "heaven on earth" that is alluded to in many esoteric traditions and religions.



This realisation from the heart about who we really are, which will happen because of the new energy that has already "wrapped" the planet, will constitute the magnet and catalyst that will change our lives. This change will not occur in the old manner of pressure and predicament or struggle we knew until today, since as we have said the energy of the heart is not a kind of "polemic nature" energy, but instead one of experiencing the great connection with Existence. It is the energy of unity and oneness where you do not have to fight anything since everything is really one and essentially there is not anything "out there".

We would like to clarify something else at this point. On the material plane we will continue to perceive ourselves as "individual people" but on a heart level duality will have retreated. We will not sense others as much "foreign" and "threatening" as it happens with the egotistic energy.

Whatever we need for full expression, we will feel it beautifully and harmoniously in our hearts with no pressure and -most importantly- it will enter our lives in a way that does not require strain and struggle. Our energy will be afforded mainly to bring us fulfilment, through expressing our heart's and soul's authentic desires on the material plane. The manifestation of our wishes and desires will be "sweet whispers" of God towards us and not an endless hardship of tribulations and disappointments as it is now in the egotistic energy.      

The letting go to our heart's wishes will happen in a very natural and easy way that only infants can experience today.

The only thing we will have to do is to feel the energy of the heart, that is to be one with it on a sensuous, feeling level. Everything else will be taken care of by the constant support and care of the Universe. That is why we have said that the energy of the heart is an energy of "BEING" and not "DOING" - like the egotistic energy of separation.


In order to ease the transition to the new phase of energy you will be given a short guided meditation, the "heart guided meditation" that the operators of the Visualisation will execute to gain greater contact with the energy of the heart.

You can practice this “heart guided meditation” as many times and as often as you wish. There is no constrain. On the contrary the more the merrier. Its purpose is to attune you to the heart frequency and transmute the lower chakras egotistic energy. It would be optimal if you could practice this meditation just before the execution of the standard “Money Global Visualization”, every Sunday, provided you have the time luxury. The operator attuned to his or her heart, then will be able to infuse the new money thought form with the energy of the heart. The joint combination of both practices will bring the energy quality result we are seeking for the new money thought form. 





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