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The Divine Plan

The Divine Plan


Ways through which the Divine Plan is revealed to humanity 

Planetary Network and Champions of Light


From a private speech made by the Greek, May 2010

The Divine Plan is a direct outgrowth of the Divine Will for the final awaking and enlightenment of all the manifested worlds and beings that inhabit them. It implements the Supreme Divine Cause, having the Divine Wisdom as a guide and the Divine Love as its only motive.

As I have already explained, the initial conception of the Divine Plan is carried out in the Realm of Creation by the hyper-evolved beings that dwell there and which remain in constant and direct tuning with the Divine Emanations. Here, the Divine Plan is crystallized by the Hierarchy of the Grantors of Light in the form of the Cosmic Laws that govern all of the manifested worlds, but it also specializes in every manifested world, depending on its particular aspects and the particular karmic nature of the beings that occupy it.

The various specialized parts of the Plan are then “delivered” straightaway to selected beings from each manifested world (having as a criterion the greatest possible clarity of their consciousness and their spiritual evolution) for the purpose of manifestation. Alternatively, these specialized parts of the Plan may be “transmitted” as active thought-forms with the prospect of them being “imprinted” on certain spiritually evolved, insightful, beings of the world which they are addressing to.

Thus, the Divine Plan, for the purpose of manifestation, pervades specialized all worlds of the realms of Creation, Form and Energy-Matter, via selected beings from each world.

More specifically for humanity, the conception or announcement of the Divine Plan is unfolding through the following ways:


A. Via direct contact with selected people from around the Earth, who fulfill the necessary specifications of spiritual evolution and inclination to service. These people are referred to as “Candidates” by the Hierarchy. This contact occurs via a live and fully alert “conversation” between the candidate and one of the hyper-evolved beings of the realm of Creation, which is a rare occasion, or more usually, between the candidate and some kind of higher being of the realm of Form which has already received from above the message that is to be passed on.

Now, there are two ways for this direct contact to occur. Sometimes, the candidate is driven to a state of ecstasy, caused from above, in order that the necessary communication may be accomplished. Other times, the conversation is carried out via a lucid and conscious dream, which is once again brought on from above during the candidate’s sleep.

Nevertheless, the Plan’s transmission via direct contact generally occurs rarely and concerns only a few hundreds of pioneers universally, who are ordained for the “forefront” of the Champions of Light.

B. The other way of transmitting the Divine Plan to humanity, is through thought-forms. Here, the Plan for humanity is transmitted from the realm of Creation as an active purposeful thought-form that is reproduced and re-transmitted by the higher spirits of the Realm of Form (e.g. special angelic ranks). The thought-form is then “conceived” and imprinted in the minds of the candidates who own a more evolved spirituality and a confirmed good will for service.

This conception of the Plan is accomplished under various conditions and states. The most usual ones are: the insightful dream, the reflective meditation and contemplation, the state of revelation that one experiences whilst praying, after fasting, sleeplessness or psychological shock and, finally, the realization that comes through an event of synchronicity (e.g. we take the appropriate piece of information, at the moment that we need it, through a book or a meeting that seem to have found us by accident).

This way of transmitting the Plan through thought-forms, is the most usual way and concerns hundreds of thousands of our fellow human beings.

 Anywise, those out of all the candidates around the planet who accept the impact of the Plan and finally respond to it consciously, responsibly and actually, are referred to as, Champions of Light” by the Hierarchy and constitute the basic nodes around which a Planetary Network of Light is weaved. This is the basic carrier for manifesting the Divine Plan for humanity…

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