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What is the New Earth Network, and what is aiming at


The New Earth Network is an informal but widespread global community. Its members  share two main characteristics:

1. They aim at spiritual development by being familiar with numerous spiritual topics. That means they like to study spiritual or philosophical texts while at the same time being deeply involved in spiritual practices (such as meditation, visualization, prayer and energy healing). They also belong to or are in contact with a spiritual or religious tradition.
2. They are pervaded by a strong sense of love for others and for all beings, so they desire to offer selfless service through joint actions of solidarity or through the dissemination of luminous ideas and values ​​to all of humanity, as well as through the implementation of spiritual / energy practices. These practices are 
collective and coordinated aiming at the spiritual transformation of the Earth. Condusive to this noble cause, Morphogenesis System constitutes a very powerful conscious creation tool, used by the members of the New Earth Network.

The founding members of the New Earth Network’s large community had the blessing to study and practise inside a prominent ancient Greek spiritual tradition, called “the Forces of Light”. This tradition originated in Alexandria, Egypt on the 1st century A.D. but there is strong evidence (scripts) indicating to be even older,  tracing its origins back to the era of the ancient Greek classical philosophers.

So far, the teaching of the Forces of Light was kept secret for centuries, transmitted solely orally, to discriminately selected and rigorously trained individuals. However, the expected in the coming years overwhelming global crises and critical planetary developments, led to the change of this selective policy. Now the High Knowledge must be offered without restrictions to all people of good intent, in order to learn how to consciously cause decisive positive changes in themselves and in their enviroment. They are going also to learn how to be a very positive influence and make a great contribution with regard to the evolutionary developments of our planet.

Among the founding members of the New Earth Network, a key-figure is the Master Greek, a modern spiritual teacher (some may call him a contemporary mystic) who is in conscious contact with the higher spiritual planes and is able to impart authentic messages and high teachings relating to the critical global developments and to the attitude the spiritual people all over the world should maintain. Many of the texts found on this site are steeped in his own energy and wisdom.

However, the founders of the New Earth Network wish to categorically state that, despite the fact that the main body of the uploaded material on this web site derives from higher teachings of the tradition of the Forces of Light, our community-network is in no way a cult, occult sect or religious organization, and neither is connected to, nor controlled by any such group. In the New Earth Network, we participate equally, voluntarily by  decision of our own free, mature and primarily conscious will without the slightest moral commitment or financial obligation! We are people from all around the world, of every ideology, and from all walks of life. We are independent, free and responsible individuals, who pore in innumerable spiritual traditions, with the only common motivation our spiritual growth and the offering of unconditional love and service to all beings and the planet...


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