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8000 Operators

8000 Operators


Attuned teamwork, guided thought-forms emission


Esoteric Spiritual Action’s supreme weapon, for the liberation and spiritual transformation of humanity and the planet


Among several forms of esoteric spiritual action (see relevant key-text), attuned teamwork guided thought-forms emission possesses the most special value in regard with its unrivalled effectiveness.

This special form of esoteric spiritual action consists in the scientific construction of powerful positive thought-forms, which in due course become manifested in our physical earthy world in the form of specific positive events and crucial global changes (in the way people think, feel and act) that upgrade earth’s vibration, transform negative energies into love and harmony, and lead to the final spiritual transformation of humanity.

More specifically, attuned emission of guided thought-forms is curried out through teamwork, i.e. a number of goodwill individuals share a common positive vision-task and, in order to manifest it, they systematically practice, attuned all together, the same thought-form emission protocol.

A thought-form emission protocol usually includes various techniques on goal-setting, focused intention, mind concentration, invocative prayer to higher forces, cultivation and effusion of psychic and vital energy, visualization, senses reproduction, etc.

Scientific research has proved that positive thought-forms emission is so powerful that can influence a very large number of individuals. In particular, there is a mathematic formula derived, according to which the number of needed thought-form operators (critical mass), in order to fully influence a much larger number of people, equals to 1/10 of the square root of this target-population.

This practically means that, for example, 1 operator is enough to fully influence 100 individuals, 3 attuned operators to influence 1000, 100 attuned operators to influence 1.000.000 and about 8.000 conscious attuned operators to change the whole humanity!

Among the existing attuned teamwork thought-form emission systems, Morphogenesis is highly reliable and effective, given to us from the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy of Grantors of Light (see relevant key-text), in order to be used apart from personal growth, conscious creation and personal success through manifestation of intentions reasons, primarily as a supreme weapon to the service of the Divine Plan and Earth’s spiritual evolution.

Training in Morphogenesis is emphatically recommended for effective service and esoteric spiritual action…

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