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Spiritual Hierarchy

Spiritual Hierarchy


 What is the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy of the Grantors of Light

 From a discussion with the Master Greek, August 2008


On the top of all the manifested worlds, at the so-called higher Spiritual Realm, dwells the Divine Presence, the hypostasis of the Manifested God: the eternally living, omnipresent and omnipotent Divine Substance, Energy and Consciousness.

 Right after this, we find the so-called Realm of Creation. This realm is catered directly by the Divine Emanations, and it is here that the Unalterable Cosmic Laws, that govern all the lower realms of existence, are designed and established. This is also where the Divine Plan is conceived, formed and becomes specialised in specific energy-quality “packages”, which are then transformed into active thought-forms that are to become manifested in the lower realms.

These unapprehensible procedures that take place in the Realm of Creation are accomplished by supreme spiritual beings, which “dwell” there, are constantly tuned with the principial divine emanations, are direct recipients of the Divine Will and work as collectors, bearers and builders of the Divine Plan.

Deities, Saints, Archangels, Masters, Avatars, Supreme Spirits, Supernal Archetypes etc. are some of the names through which these spiritually hyper-evolved beings have been referred to by Man throughout the centuries. Of course, this is not about anthropomorphic figures, but about omniscient, gracious and all-powerful amorphous atomicities which function collectively, incorporated in the Current of Creation.

Head of the group of spiritual beings of the Realm of Creation is the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy of the Grantors of Light. This Hierarchy is essentially responsible for the observance of the Cosmic Laws, the manifestation of the Divine Plan, as well as the spiritual evolution of all the manifested worlds of existence, among which our own earthy world is also included of course.

There are, in fact, certain members of the Hierarchy, which are karmically associated with the evolutional course of humanity and have thus been appointed to the position of holding the responsibility for its future. I have the honor of being in direct insightful contact with one of these members from time to time…

The 4 realms of Manifested Existence:

1. Spiritual Realm – Divine Presence

2. Realm of Creation– Cosmic Laws – Divine Plan

Spiritual Hierarchy of the Grantors of Light

3. Realm of Form – The World of Thought-forms

Higher, intermediate and lower immaterial beings

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4. Matter-Energetic Realms – Earthy World



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