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Planetary Solidarity Centre

“Planetary Solidarity Centre” has been created to provide the space and the opportunity of communication and networking, to anyone that has any particular ideas on the unselfish offering of planetary service or anyone who has already initiated some kind of related activity. This way, will all be able to network and support with each other and be helped by fellow human beings from all over the world, who specialise on the same subject or who share the same vision, by practically developing Spiritual Synergy.

Any individual who is interested in making a contribution of any kind (ie improving comments, reinforcing ideas, practical aid, participation etc) for a project that is listed on the Planetary Solidarity Centre should send an e-mail (using the contact form link below) with their proposal to the Planetary Solidarity Centre indicating the particular project they want to contribute to. Of course they can get into a direct touch with the person who originally proposed the project, who is unofficially kind of administrator and coordinator of the project. Nevertheless it is necessary all communication for a project to be presented in the “Planetary Solidarity Centre” in order all the interested people to follow up.


Planetary Solidarity Centre direct e-mail form link 



PROJECT  “TIERRA Y CIELO” - A project that comes from the community and returns to the community. Its aim is to empower children to connect with their core and move from the state of mere survival to the sphere of becoming Universal Citizens.

Mailing List

Join us and become the next radiant link of the global New Earth Network chain, by simply typing in your e-mail in the field below and then press the symbol +

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