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Awaking & Service

Awaking & Service


Spiritual Awaking and Service

The Higher Path


From a private speech made by the Greek, May 2007

Each one of us, in every incarnation of his, owns a personal maximum-optimum potentiality for spiritual evolution, depending on his particular karmic past as an eternal soul. If one manages to discover this potentiality and makes the decision to consciously choose it, amongst the many other choices that are offered by our earthy world, and if one follows it faithfully, this optimum evolutional path can even lead to their complete spiritual salvation and awaking.

This is what we call in the ancient Greek teaching of the Forces of Light, the “Higher Path”, or if you wish, in Psychological terms, the “Meaning of Life” or “Meaning of Existence”. You can gather that the person who is in contact with their Higher Path and is inclined to follow it, highlights their maximum potential and talent, practices the profession that is ideal for them, has the best human relationships, gains particular mental powers and spiritual gifts on the way, always has full trust in the universe, owns internal happiness and harmony and by acknowledging the unity of everything is filled with mercy for all beings.

On the one hand, each one of us, by following one’s own evolutional path as a unique individuality, ought to work systematically to achieve self-awareness, complete harmonization of their personality and spiritual liberation. This means both responsible esoteric work and exercise, which lead to establishing our contact with the higher spiritual realms and finally transcending the earthy world.

On the other hand, each one of us realizes that, aside from our individual attempt for awaking, the external conditions in which we are living also play an important role. If our environment and society favor ignorance, illness, pain, poverty, violence or psychic oppression, then our potentiality for spiritual work is significantly limited. In contrast, if the society and environment around us contribute to knowledge, well-being, abundance, freedom, safety and right human relationships, then the potentiality for our spiritual growth becomes unlimited.


This is where the meaning of Service comes in; i.e. the realization that our individual spiritual evolution and the collective evolution of our fellow human beings are interconnected and interdependent, since our external conditions influence, but are also influenced by all of us. Thus, Service means substantial and specific offering for the purpose of creating better conditions of awaking for ourselves as well as for humanity as a whole.

No one can go on by themselves. But even if someone is born karmically fortunate and manages to achieve this to a certain extent but does not start to offer a substantial service, then their further spiritual evolution is improbable, since they will never be able to get rid of their limited earthy ego, which is the main obstacle to the awaking and the experience of Unity. Service, offer, mercy, love, are the only guaranteed ways to get rid of the ego and the mercenary separation that this creates between each one of us and the Whole.

Essentially, you must know, that following our Higher Path, with the combination of esoteric work and service, equals to participating in the manifestation of the Divine Plan, as it specializes in our earthy world by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Grantors of Light. Because, the Purpose of the Divine Plan, is precisely the spiritual awaking of all beings and the qualitative upgrade of all manifested worlds - and therefore of our little Earth too.

This is where the most significant mission of the New Earth Network also lies, as a carrier promoting the Divine Plan on Earth.

Speaking of Service, I would like to clarify that, in action, this consists of two main forms. The first one is called (in the teaching of the Forces of Light) “Esoteric Spiritual Action” and signals the use of spiritual methods and mental powers for the improvement of the external conditions in our lives and our planet. Under this form of Service also comes Morphogenesis System, which is the most powerful existing system of conscious creation on an earthy level.

The Second form of Service is called “Social Spiritual Action” and concerns every form of individual or collective action for the improvement of social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions in our planet.

We will elaborate further on these two forms of service some other time…

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