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Project "Tierra y Cielo"

Project "Tierra y Cielo"

PROJECT  “TIERRA Y CIELO” - A project that comes from the community and returns to the community. Its aim is to empower children to connect with their core and move from the state of mere survival to the sphere of becoming Universal Citizens.

The project "Tierra y Cielo" aims to establish a pioneering therapeutic and educational center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, starting in the year 2012.  Its legal form is  Non-Government, Non-Profit Organization, based on sponsoring and volunteer work of inspired individuals and groups that are generous to share, offer and keep life going on and up! 
The centre is the realization of an innovative, pioneering idea that is to contribute to the healing of our kids from before conception and after birth and provide a platform for families to seek and get substantial help, support and guidance towards their beautiful task of supporting their kids as they move towards their path of self-realization.
Its aim is to empower children to connect with their core and move from the state of mere survival to the sphere of becoming Universal Citizens.
Thus the main goal is to unite the strong Earth energy of the country with the subtle Heavenly energy of ancient Greek philosophy and modern sciences.


1. To offer Therapy
to kids age 
-9months (children still in the womb) to 11 years of age
parents and will-be parents or pregnant couples

play-therapy,drama-therapy,art therapy, dance-therapy, sand play, music, movement, bonding analysis, prebirth psychotherapy
Fun/ creative activities during Free-time(after school)

Professionals who deal with kids

Teachers and educators
doctors (esp. pediatricians)

Parents who have handicapped children (autism, retardation, dyslexia…)
Will-be parents

Parents in general

Adults in general

(books, audio, digital, downloadable)

Downloadable material
Training schedules and webinars

Books, music, toys, creative materials, products made by kids and donated to sponsor kids who can’t afford to join in the activities/ learning/therapeutic modules of the centre

In the health field: 
The salutogenic Model

“Health promotion is the process which enables people to gain control over their health determinants in order to improve their health and thereby be able to live  an active and productive life.”
(Ottawa Charter, 1986, WHO, 1986)

focusing on what causes health (salutogenesis)?

In the psychological field:
The Prebirth Psychology Model
" The womb is the first environment in which all that is going to repeat in life is encoded to stay until we release this energy to energize our purpose in life".

In the educational Field:
a synthetic Model
“there are two ways of increasing the human psychic energy: Education and Work!”
Nikolai Tesla

We aim to create a holistic educational programme which can add value to
the life of both kids and families (adults),
a programme that will enable them to free all creative forces and fulfil their evolutionary destiny. It combines:
the guidelines for the ancient Greek education,
Waldorf Steiner educational principles
Robert Muller school principles,
the Montessori principles,
the learning to learn model,
the project model,
the Gardner intelligences model,
the Six Speaking Hats Model, etc...

The Land required is minimum one hectare. It would be wonderful if there was more land space as that would allow more things to evolve.
In terms of building structures:
A little building for administration
The building complex tierra which will provide facilities for the earth connection, understanding and education
The building complex cielo which will provide facilities for the heavens connection, understanding and exploring sky and education
An art studio
A movement studio
A healing center providing a swimming pool for water therapy and small wards for healing the body, soul.
Workshops for working with the earth products (weaving, cooking, plant products, etc)
A shop
A theatre
Sand pools
Fire center
outside activities
an observatory

We depend and call all those who have been able to realise that the abundance created is to flow in all beneficial to the humanity ways:

There can be three major groups of benefactors:
Golden Benefactors
Silver Benefactors
Bronze Benefactors
Golden Benefactors are the inspired individuals or companies that will volunteer and undertake the responsibility to fund
the land required (donating it or funding the purchase or offering the use of the land for 50 years).
One of the buildings on site
Silver Benefactors are the inspired indiviluals or companies that will volunteer and undertake the responsibility to fund the equipment needed.
Bronze benefactors are the inspired individuals or companies that will volunteer and undertake the responsibility to run and maintain any of the services or projects of the organization.
Sponsors:These are inspired individuals or companies that will volunteer to support any of the aims and goals of the organization to any degree and any level.

Each individual or a small group can affect
the whole cosmos in unpredictable ways!

The whole project “Tierra y Cielo” is not a personal project, but a project that comes from the community and returns to the community. The system that best serves the needs of the project seems to be an open, creative system, where members are free to offer whatever they are inspired to create in the directions of the aims of the organization, investing their energy and resources in a way that creates joy and satisfaction for them and progress for the community. Members are asked what they want to do and how their participation and the outcome that is to appear is to benefit the organization. All participation and contribution is fun and creative. Contributors are encouraged to organize themselves and those they can motivate in the same direction so that
The proposed outcome can take form.

The organization needs to remain fresh and
lively, inspired and creative, authentic and evolving.
People may stay for as long as they feel happy and inspired (hopefully for a long time) and go when life asks them to follow other paths along their evolutionary way. There are no authorities and control mechanisms as all members are appreciated as contributors to mutual evolution. People move from groups to groups as they co-operate with different groups in the organization to support their own progress and the progress of the others and the organization. They move to cultivate new aspects of themselves. Sometimes some forms of freedom may seem to be lost but new forms of freedom are to come up in their place as people or subgroups get together to accomplish a task using their own
creative power.
Members are encouraged to keep their own
passion (eros) for whatever drives them and transform
this erotic energy into processes, roles and rules as they explore their own ways to ground a specific project within the project. Each member is encouraged to take responsibility and set their evaluation standards as a learning way to become wiser. The organization is free of heroes and leaders or authority figures who are needed to save. It exists and acts out of the zest that comes from the creative chaos that gives birth to all possibilities. It stays together because of the synergy, it is flexible and it serves the purpose in the best conceived way at the specific time coming together and coming apart in numerous dance figures, dissolving and recreating in all possible beneficial ways, always following the trend to get back to the spirit that gives life to it. Following the fractal experience each working group repeats the same principles of functioning based on the values and principles of trust for each other
and the power of open systems.

Dear Friends all over, we need your synergy in any way you can participate. Together we can create miracles! If you feel connected with us, contact us, now! We are grateful!

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