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After 2012

After 2012


Extract from master Greek’ s direct contact with Grantors of Light Hierarchy, in September 2010.


My beloved human brothers and sisters

Earthy year 2012 has been a year intensively charged in your collective psyche, since many ancient and contemporary sources refer it as the time limit where momentous planetary changes will take place - even the end of your known world.

In fact, it is true that your accumulated planetary karma creates conditions that lead to serious crises and changes, which have already started to take place but shall be much more perceivable from you during the next decade - if of course you finally succeed in avoiding a serious destruction of your human species.

So I have to point out several critical issues on your future planetary developments and the way they should be faced from conscious spiritual people all over the world in order to obtain the best possible outcome:

The concept of planetary karma –as well as your personal one- in no case concerns a strict and unchangeable destiny. Substantially it represents strong future tendencies which have been produced due to humanity’s evolutionary past. From this point of view, your future may have at this moment a given velocity to a certain direction, but it’s always wide open to every kind of change, never been strictly predetermined.

Humanity’s conscious action can really change, even at last moment, any kind of karma, no matter how fateful it is. Your future course is exclusively your responsibility.

Your current planetary karma indicates that 2012 will signal dramatic global upheavals and challenges. A great and decisive battle comes to its pick. On one side, huge spiritual energies are effused to earth from the Cosmic Forces of Light, aiming to human and planetary spiritual transformation. On the other side, the forces of darkness and regression enhance their effort for earth’s total control and human species degradation.

According to your accumulated planetary karma, this battle between Light and darkness shall have unpredictable consequences and an uncertain outcome, as it will be manifested through serious climatic and geological upsets, dramatic global conflicts and intense economic, social and cultural crises.

The final outcome of this clash, as well as succeeding to avoid a possible total destruction and lead humanity to a new era of higher vibration and spiritualization depends exclusively on you.

We are aware that you are influenced by several theories and self-proclaimed inspirational texts, supposed to be dictated from us, the Spiritual Hierarchy, which allege that earth’s and humanity’s positive future is already secured, either because your cosmic destiny determines so, or because we are supposedly going to dynamically interfere to earth and enforce its spiritual transformation.

These aspects are as dangerous as those who consider that earth is a “lost case” and is definitely going to be destroyed.

Both these extremities are cultivated by the forces of darkness, aiming to convince you that you can do or need to do absolutely nothing, so that you remain passive and inactive, making no effort to change yourself, your consciousness and your way of life.

You must know that there is a supreme cosmic evolutional rule, which our Hierarchy of Light faithfully follows: No positive change is permitted to be outside enforced on any karmic world (that includes your earthy one), if this change does not reflect and express a respective change of consciousness of its inhabitant beings.

So, no spiritual upgrade can be granted to you “from above”, if changing your world is not your free will’s and conscious choice’s practically expressed decision. This means we can not transform earth on your behalf, without you pursuing and achieving a higher consciousness level and a higher way of thinking, feeling and acting.

We abundantly offer you all spiritual tools and all higher energy qualities you need to transform your species and your planet. Taking advantage of this upgrading chance is your responsibility.

Unlucky for you, this rule does not stand for the forces of darkness. Due to their nature, they follow the reverse rule: the more foggy consciousness a species has (yours in our case), the most easily can and must be outside enforced to his evolutional diminution. That is what they try to do to you – control your will, darken your choices, keep your consciousness asleep, frightened and paralyzed…

Events are to come where none of you will manage to remain neutral. No matter where one tries to hide himself, forces of darkness, human and immaterial, will trace him. All of you, humans, will have to take sides – to join Light or dark!

However be optimist. We believe that together we shall succeed to keep your world existing much longer after 2012, much more spiritually evolved, much more enlightened.

Already, from May 12 of this year, a tremendous effusion of spiritual energies was embodied into earth’s mind-sphere. Powerful spiritual weapons, tools and gifts-charisma are now available to all of you and it depends strictly on your receptivity to digest and use them as authentic Champions of Light.

The formation of an enormous Planetary Network of Light (New Earth Network) has started, constituted of thousands of Champions of Light, which attuned to us, Grantors of Light Hierarchy, will attract around them millions of well-intentioned people and lead them to the winning battle for the salvation of earth and humanity.

Now, your great work as Champions of Light is becoming clear to you:

On one hand, you ought to clean up earth’s dark vibrations and upgrade your planet’s psychic atmosphere. This means from now on that you have to emit only positive, pure and illuminated vibrations through your daily thoughts, feelings and actions. In addition, working attuned through teamwork, you must build a powerful positive thought-form, which will embrace the whole earth, will cut off all negative forces and lead to your final spiritual transformation. For this critical work at least 8.000 conscious operators are needed, their recruitment and training being a matter of primary priority for us, the Hierarchy.

On the other hand, you ought to adapt the prompt daily behavior and social action in order to change all negative conditions of your personal life and all negative social rules and practices that favor separatism, dominance, ignorance and greed.

We understand that many of you are often confused about what exactly kind of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, values, energies and actions represent and enhance Good or evil. This lack of discrimination is a forces’ of darkness work, highly destructive for you. To help you on this serious problem, we shall dictate to you in due course a complete frame/guide, through which you shall be able to clearly descry the way of Light and follow it consciously.

As I told you, by the help of God, we believe that 2012 will not be registered in your cosmic History as the year of non reversible destructions, but rather as a starting point to a new Earth and a new bright and higher humanity, spiritually evolved.

It’s in your hands to do it…

Accept my unconditional love


Member of Grantors of Light Hierarchy

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